What are the Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing to India?

6 Nov

Outsourcing is a business practice for using external resources, handling operations, and performing tasks from the outside of the organization. Generally, outsourcing means that you hire a company to manage your business tasks. Outsourcing is used in customer support, hiring web developers, hiring digital marketers, IT services, etc.

There are numerous big companies like Apple, HP, Google, etc that outsource their businesses to other companies. Global outsourcing is beneficial for the companies, they can save operational costs, manpower costs, etc. Saving cost is the core factor behind outsourcing their business operations.

Do you know– India is one of the oldest outsourcing hubs in the world. Started many years ago with call centers, but now it is predominantly doing software and application development.


India has talented manpower and skilled IT professionals at lower labor costs for foreign companies as the dollar value is much greater than the rupee. This is the reason that many big companies always prefer to outsource their business to Indian outsourcing firms.

In this blog, I am sharing some of the huge benefits of software development outsourcing to India.


Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development Outsourcing to India


1. Cost Saving:

Hiring an Indian outsourcing firm is a great advantage to save a lot of money on designing and developing a professional application. This is the reason the cost of hiring web and app developers in India is lower than that of the developed countries.

cost effective

For example, the cost of hiring a software developer in the United States can vary anywhere from $75-$150 USD per hour whereas it is not difficult to find decent web and app developers in India for as low as $15 per hour. These rates are incredibly affordable compared to what most companies here would pay for their own employees. Apart from salaries though, businesses can also save a lot on office space and IT infrastructure by outsourcing to one of the many hubs available there.


2. Great Quality & Latest Technology

Quality work and Latest Technology

One of the other biggest reasons for choosing an Indian outsourcing firm is the quality and use of the latest technology. The top software development companies in India have state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. They provide high-quality solutions such as mobile app development solutions, software development solutions, custom web development solutions, etc.

Apart from this team from India ensures their work is going in the right direction. So, you can think about outsourcing more teams from India to execute the tasks.


3. Committed and Dedicated Professionals

Committed and Dedicated Professionals

Your project is handled by dedicated experts who are committed to providing you with a completed product that is as finished and well put together as possible. Many outsourcing firms in India work 9 hours a day and are always ready to put in extra time to help you meet any deadlines that come up. Since we know how hard it tends to be to meet times like these when making sure all of the details involved measure up and feel like they’re gearing towards something bigger and more important.


4. Timely Project Delivery

timely project delivery


When you’re delivering a project, time plays an enormous factor. Apart from your skills, it’s crucial to remember that many clients are situated in places where the time zones differ greatly {for example, clients in the US and European countries often get a lead on project times}. This is why companies often outsource to India. Prior to the expected date, Most projects get completed on time.


5. Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

Once a project is finished, one more challenge occurs. Maintaining and providing support to the users. In today’s competitive market, most software development companies in India have decided to outsource both internal and external maintenance and support services in order to build relationships with clients. This allows the client company as well as the outsourcing company to be worry-free in regards to managing a stable platform because outsourcing services allow professionals who specialize in this industry to do all the heavy lifting for you.



When it comes to outsourcing, India has the upper hand with its $300 billion of revenue coming from the export of IT services which contributes to about 7.2% of the country’s GDP.

Since you know the significance of outsourcing software development, how do you choose the right team? Here are guidelines to help you select a quality partner:

  • Genuine reviews from previous clients
  • Number of successful projects
  • Number of same clients
  • Type of projects
  • Industry specialization.

BMN Infotech is amongst the best outsourcing companies in India, located in Amritsar Punjab. We are offering web and mobile app development services worldwide.

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