6 Frequently Asked Questions About What is Laravel

12 Jan

Are you a beginner in the developing industry?

Software development is possible with frameworks and do you know LARAVEL is the most popular framework in development.

Here we are sharing some basic questions about Laravel, if you are a beginner then it will a beneficial for you and if you are an expert then you may find any point which you have don’t know about it.

In recent years, Laravel has become one of the most popular frameworks. It boasts a powerful feature set and an unmatched level of performance. Over the past eight years, Laravel has grown from a niche framework to dominate a large portion of the PHP framework.

If you’re curious to know some questions about what is Laravel, check out this blog where you’ll find the answers that you probably have in mind.


1. What is meant by Laravel?

Laravel is open-source which means it is free, you don’t need to spend money on it. This is a PHP-based web framework. It is developed in July 2011 by Taylor Otwell. Here we are sharing some of the features that make the Laravel best framework in web development.

  • A comprehensive authentication system.
  • It is built using the MVC framework (model view Controller)
  • Laravel uses artisan commands, which means the command-line interface includes a large number of pre-built artisan commands.
  • Supporting database sharing with other members of the team


2. Why Laravel is so popular?

The Laravel framework is popular for:

  • Authentication and Authorization are built-in.
  • Eloquent ORM (object-relational model).
  • Long-lasting web applications.
  • Engine for templating (blade file).
  • Tasks is an automated scheduling and packaging system.
  • Testing, events, and broadcasting

The biggest reason for preferring Laravel is that it is working on MVC and an object-oriented approach.


3. Is Laravel a backend framework or a frontend framework?

  • The simple way to say is- it is a backend framework.
  • Laravel is a server-side PHP framework that is used to make full-stack apps. These types of projects often require backend capabilities such as user accounts, exports, and order management.


4. Is Laravel a programming language?

Laravel is not a programming language. It’s a framework and the language of choice in this framework is PHP. You must first learn PHP before you can learn Laravel.

Furthermore, a programming language is nothing more than a set of rules for doing things, but a framework is a collection of helpful tools designed for a specific programming language.


5. Is it possible to learn Laravel without knowing PHP?

No, you can’t learn Laravel without first learning PHP. It’s pointless to learn Laravel if you don’t know how to develop PHP first.

Because the Laravel framework is based on PHP, you’ll need to understand PHP and OOP concepts, as well as the fundamental syntax, in order to use it. You won’t be able to add new features, and you’ll be fully reliant on the ones that Laravel provides as part of the framework. Laravel is an MVC framework that can help you build very flexible applications.


6. Is Laravel easy to learn?

One of the best aspects about Laravel is that it’s an easy framework to learn because its syntax teaches you everything you need in order to know it inside and out. Its short learning curve makes it an excellent option for PHP developers who are wanting to start their own new projects! Many resources, tutorials, and guidelines are available on the web and many open source applications already available can help you get your workflow going efficiently.

Follow our Tutorial video of Laravel:

Laravel Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners


Wrapping Up

Overall, Laravel is a framework designed for web application development and there is a variety of Laravel themes and templates. If it comes to whether or not Laravel is worth learning altogether, our answer is a resounding YES! Not only does the framework provide updated solutions for many problems programmers run into, but it also provides plenty of third-party extensions for users to be able to extend the functionality built into their applications using the base framework too!

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