Unheard Truth of IT Jobs in Punjab Nowadays :: An Honest Approach to Start Discussion

11 Nov

IT companies played a significant role in India’s economic growth. As per the survey, 7.4 percent of the GDP is accountable in the financial year 2022.

Many IT companies have a great image in front of their clients, but unfortunately, this can often have a negative impact on their employees.

As an IT company in Punjab, we want to have an honest discussion in this blog about how some IT companies mistreat their workers.

What Role do Some IT Companies Play?

Some IT companies in Amritsar and Punjab are playing a dangerous game with their employees’ livelihoods. Our research shows that these companies are causing frustration among workers due to late or unpaid wages. While these companies may have a good public image, the reality is that their employees are struggling to make ends meet.

What Role do Some IT Companies Play?

“They are just paying for the sake of the Client’s requirement for resources on each project”

Such companies playing with fix salary date. Even they mention in employees’ appointment letter too. Still, they are not fulfilling their employee’s requirements. They are paying higher salaries than the market-set standard to freshers or candidates with less than 1 year of experience.

Is It Good for Candidates?

Candidates who are looking to switch jobs are facing a high rejection rate due to a lack of experience and practical knowledge. They are facing rejection whenever they apply to new companies. They are not fulfiling job requirements by other companies due to less experience and practical knowledge. This is a common reason of rejection.

Is It Good for Candidates?

Candidates often expect a significant pay raise when they switch from one company to another, but they are not getting it as per market-set standards. It’s not always true that glitter is gold. Candidates from different companies are resigning due to several issues, such as long commute times, lack of timely payment, and being surrounded by irrelevant experienced candidates which impacts their performance.

Based on the survey, it has been found that the average salary rise for candidates who are changing jobs is 3% for those who have not been with the company for more than a year and 2% for those who have been with the company for more than a year.

Our Thoughts – Jobs are not Gambling!

We’ve noticed over the last 6-7 months that we get a lot of resumes and queries from candidates from these companies. From the initial round of interviews, we have seen that candidates don’t have much practical knowledge as they have less than 1 year of experience but their expectations are too high.

Jobs are not Gambling

Because the job market is becoming more competitive. Companies are having a harder time finding the right candidates for their open positions. On the other hand, candidates are struggling to find jobs that fit their experience and qualifications.

Companies should pay candidates based on their experience and capability to learn, preferably just in their initial years of work. However, if some companies pay candidates much more than the market average, it will put other companies at a disadvantage.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our article about the reality of the IT Job market.

If you are an employer and are facing this issue, you are invited to discuss this matter openly. We, BMN Infotech Private Limited, a full-service based Software Development Company welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the business leaders in the IT Industry. We can collaborate to keep the right workforce connected and to create a healthy work culture for all.

We believe that no one should tolerate bad working conditions. We hope that by starting this conversation, we can make a change.

Let’s find the solution together! Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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