Why Should You Use Google’s Call Ads & What are its Benefits?

27 Jan

You’re just a single call away from your sale! Sounds interesting? But yes, you can achieve it with the help of paid advertising on Google.

In Google Ads, you can market your product and service on various Google products like Search, YouTube, Playstore, and all Google partner sites.  There are multiple campaign objectives to run ads depending upon requirements.

This article explains what Google call-only ads and how they could benefit your sales in business. Let’s get that phone ringing again.

What Are Call-Only Ads?

Google’s call-only ads, also referred to as ‘call ads’ in Google AdWords, is an ad that lets customers dial your business directly from the search engine. Call-only ads allow customers to call you directly from Google.

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Google call-only ads appear on mobile devices. The user can click on the ad and then Google automatically brings up the phone number on the keypad of the mobile device. These self-service automated calls are especially great because they provide a more streamlined solution for potential clients who might be hesitating to make initial contact with your company right away.

How to Setup Call Ads Campaign?

How to Setup Call Ads Campaign?

If you are working with a digital marketing agency, you’ll be just waiting for the results and the agency will set up a campaign for you. Instead of this, you’re trying to set up Google call-only ad campaign on your own, follow these steps given by our Google ad specialists:

  • At first, you need a dedicated phone number of your business that should be present on your landing page that Google can easily verify the phone number.
  • In the next step, go to ads.google.com and create an ad account to start a campaign
  • Then, create a new campaign and choose your primary objective during the initial setup.
  • Choose a search ad and Tick the phone call box to enter your phone number.
  • Change your campaign setting according to your requirement in terms of target location, ad scheduling, daily budget, bidding strategy, etc.
  • After that, create ad groups for your ad where you can place your selected keywords.
  • Once your ad group is set, create a new ad and set up the all given details like phone number, 2 headlines, 2 descriptions, business name, URL, display URL.

Once your ad has been set up, review it and hit publish. Google will review the ad and make them Live if no policy is violated. Make sure your targeted keywords have been placed on the landing page, headlines, and description of the ad.

What Are the Benefits of Google Call-Only Ads?

As you’ve probably noticed, call-only ads come with a lot of benefits that make them stand out from other “landing page” advertisements that you can run on AdWords.

What Are the Benefits of Google Call-Only Ads?

When it comes to generating leads, call-only ads are extremely effective. People like calling businesses because it’s the most natural way of having a conversation and making better decisions about what they want to buy without any pressure from websites or social media visuals. It also allows for better specificity in regards to communication versus traditional Google search results, removing the clutter that’s associated with webpages and videos that are meant more for entertainment than offering serious solutions to potential customers.

They also help build a brand’s trust while also growing its audience which is particularly useful when you consider how convenient and easy they are to generate.

With so many benefits, it’s clear that call-only ads are the way of the future.

Who can take Call Ads Benefits?

Call-only ads are ideal for urgent situations. For example, they can be very useful to solicit a plumber who has an emergency on their hands. Other types of businesses might benefit from call-only ads as well — such as local businesses that need someone ASAP; emergency dentists, locksmiths, or any type of service provider looking for immediate action. The more time-sensitive the need is for the customer, the better chances there will be for this type of ad to ring true and generate results fast!

Here are some examples who can take benefit from Google call ads:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Brokers
  • Consultants
  • Handymen
  • Loan providers
  • Plumbers
  • Locksmiths
  • Electricians
  • Restaurants
  • Veterinarians
  • Specialty grocers
  • Home repair workers & more.

How many calls are you aiming to generate from call-only ads?


If you’re a local business that solves urgent needs and your place of business has certain perks (like early hours, quick pickup, or even a huge supply), you can promote your special benefits by using call-only ads. By using call-only ads specifically with these types of locations and phone numbers, you’ll be able to generate more calls than ever before.

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