Top 5 Reasons Why PHP Programming Language is not Dying

8 Apr

Many people believe that PHP is dying and will eventually be replaced by something else like Python. But do you know from 2 decades, we are using PHP in programming. Other programming languages have succumbed to it.

Rasmus Lerdorf” is the developer of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). It’s an open-source scripting language that’s frequently utilized. 79% of websites created by PHP are all over the globe. According to W3Schools, 8 out of 10 websites have been created with the PHP programming language in some or another way.

It’s important to note that none of the aforementioned technologies are very popular anymore. As a PHP developer, I’d like to provide some reasons why PHP isn’t going away anytime soon.

5 Reasons Why PHP Won’t Die

There are numerous reasons why PHP is still in use today and will not be phased out. Here is our shortlist of the most important attributes that remain popular with developers online.

5 Reasons Why PHP Won't Die

80% of web performance relies on PHP

One may argue that PHP is not as widespread as Java and .NET when it comes to building apps, especially those types of applications that are more for business use. In any case, the main point here is recognizing the fact that languages and tools each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, if you’re looking to build an app with a compiled language like JAVA, it doesn’t make sense to use PHP.

80% of the websites today are powered by PHP, and even though some may argue that PHP is not an enterprise language, it’s undeniable that PHP is one of the top most popular web development languages around.

Facebook, Tumbler, and Yahoo initiate PHP

PHP, as a programming language, can be extremely beneficial for website developers given it’s an interpreted language and therefore easier to code from scratch. Also, it allows web programmers to build sites faster without going through the process of compiling (which makes compilation a lot slower by comparison).

Being such a versatile language, PHP powers many prominent sites including the likes of Yahoo!, Facebook, Tumblr, Digg, and yes – Wikipedia! These websites were launched quickly thanks to PHP’s ‘fast-to-build’ framework with its high-level application programming interface that enabled programs to be scaled easily.

Top Ranking of PHP over the years

It goes without saying that it’s difficult to compare the two programming languages but they both have their own pros and cons which is the main reason why there shouldn’t be a comparison!

Top Ranking of PHP

In recent years, GitHub ranked PHP third after Javascript and Python which proves that it still holds great popularity and if you are someone who thinks otherwise then you might want to reconsider making such mistakes.

Programming languages such as PHP do not vanish overnight

PHP is packed with so many attributes, including how versatile it is since it’s easy to learn and fast and secure, as well as being open source for free. PHP can be used on a wide range of platforms including Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, and even Android systems in order to support web browsers or the latest mobile apps.

These are the characteristics of the PHP programming language that have made it one of the most important programming languages for programmers all over the world.

  • Assuming PHP has not, in fact, died, we are at least aware that the programming language is not going anywhere anytime soon. Although some critics have suggested that it is a defunct language, the availability of PHP on open source hosting platforms like Siteground suggests otherwise.
  • In recent years, the demand for PHP developers has been soaring and there are many firms based in companies. This industry is not going anywhere – if anything, it’s growing – which means that its significance as a language will only continue to grow with it!
  • Drupal, WordPress, and SugarCRM are some examples of PHP powerhouses. Therefore, if there was no PHP – they would be gone too!

PHP remains active for as long as it is used

Out of all that, what we can say about PHP is this: Its popularity will likely endure. After all, there’s been a steady global increase in the number of sites using PHP over the years. Of course, any good trend is bound to create its share of detractors and the same goes for our favorite scripting language. Sure, PHP’s usage numbers are declining—a large part of which can be attributed to its arch-rival Node.js—but only time will tell whether a node has what it takes to usurp PHP. Regardless, this means we need to think carefully about how we might need to start shifting our focus to ensure we will retain our financial viability going forward (after all, writing code is incredibly lucrative!).

PHP remains active

Wrapping Up

PHP is a powerful programming language for a wide range of enterprises, both large and small.

Around 10k websites on the internet are using the power of PHP. With so many applications, including WordPress, we can be certain that the PHP language’s fate will not be sealed for many years.

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