7 Best Websites To Download Safe & Free FONTS

11 Feb

Fonts often get overlooked: they can completely affect your document’s look, presentation, and even a website, most people don’t think they’re important; however, many people underestimate the impact they have on things.

Many websites are offering free or paid downloadable fonts which makes it rather random and challenging to choose what style you should use for your site, but one thing is certain – we want you to stay safe online. We went through some of these websites that offer free or paid downloadable fonts and narrowed our search down to only sites whose content is safe or supporting other sites that want their users to be safe while browsing the Web.

7 Free Font Websites

1. Google Fonts

Google recently launched its own free font library. It’s fairly new, but interestingly enough it seems to have taken the world of typographic design by storm. At present, there are over 800 fonts available for download and the number is bound to increase as more designers make them available for public use.

Google fonts

Google fonts can be used in any document and on any website. They can even be used by those running clothing companies if they would like to. I suppose it must be true what they say; ‘third time’s a charm!’

2. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is like Unsplash – but for fonts. Although, if we’re being more accurate, one could say that Unsplash is like Font Squirrel – for stock images. Whereas Dafont and Urban Fonts have been around much longer, Font Squirrel stands out as the most veteran free font website among the bunch!

Font Squirrel


3. Font Space

FontSpace is a website where you can search through thousands of free fonts and download your favorite font that would complement the overall feel of your project. It’s easy to find a neatly-designed font: just select the size, style, and colors you’re looking for and FontSpace will give you an assortment to choose from. Or if you have something specific in mind you can use the font search box if you know the name of the font or browse through any number of categories to narrow it down for yourself.

Font Space

4. 1001 Free Fonts

When it comes to branding, a good logo can help tell the story of your product or service. If you’re looking for free fonts to use in your logos, then 1001FreeFonts.com is just the right resource. On this site, you will find several thousands of free fonts made available by their original creators, and we have also noticed that individual typefaces are tagged differently depending on which category they fall into – so you know exactly what you’re getting before grabbing it for yourself!

1001 Free Fonts

We saw a range of categories such as caricature fonts, cursive fonts, and rhotic script types. There are some shareware files on here too but also plenty of true freeware offerings!

5. Font Shop

Font Shop doesn’t focus completely on free fonts, but it’s still a rather decent alternative if previous options didn’t have what you were looking for. I think it might just be the most flexible resource in my list because there are slightly more font choices here than I’ve seen anywhere else AND it makes use of a curation feature – where someone has already combed through all the fonts to pick out the best ones – so you don’t have to!

Font Shop

These are usually pretty high-quality fonts though, so chances are you might find something of interest here even though it isn’t entirely focused on free typefaces like option one or two.

6. FontZone

Another great website, FontZone, offers over 50,000 free fonts you can use for any purpose related to graphic design, including websites, documents, and graphics. When you visit Fontzone, you’ll see that there are various ways of classifying their selection of fonts in relation to alphabetical browsing, popularity, or by category. FontZone also includes a search feature which is handy if you already know the name of the specific style or font you want to download.


7. DaFont

DaFont is the most popular website for free fonts in the world, with a simple and easy-to-navigate design that makes it easier than ever to find the right font for your next project. You can easily find exactly what you’re looking for by browsing through different categories that are available, or you can search the site by looking specifically for the font that you want. If you like a particular font but don’t know how it will look when used in any other design, you can insert your text with just one click, and see right away how it looks using that particular font!




Fonts are a brilliant way to provide visual and emotional appeal without adding any additional design clutter. Your newest creations may come with a variety of colors, shapes, or patterns – but fonts can be the element that makes them truly stand out.

Our designers at BMN Infotech use these tools to design texts. So why not make it funnier and more fun by making use of some fancy fonts?

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