How To Easily Customize WordPress Themes?

17 Feb

Ready to build a WordPress website? There are so many themes to choose from and when you find one with the design you’re looking for, it’s hard not to get excited. But eventually, you may decide that it just doesn’t offer all of the features or capabilities that you need.

Fortunately, many themes give website owners the ability to customize their designs. Several web development companies in India give customization options for your WordPress theme and this is the best choice for a website.

This article explains how to use the Customization page to make some changes that are important for your site.


Is it needed to customize the theme?

It’s your decision whether you want to customize the theme or not. If your selected theme does not fulfill your design goal, then yes you can customize the theme. If your focus is on displaying content more rather than functionality, then customize your theme.

You can easily select the theme. This will help you in getting the proper functionalities and its display. In this way, it’s possible to go for WordPress development Services if proper considerations are on the presentation of content more than functionality.


Step by Step Process of WordPress Customization Page

1. Firstly, you should go to

2. Then, log in to the admin panel and go to Appearance.

3. Under Appearance, select the theme option.

wordpress dashboard

4. On this page, select the active theme (Twenty Twenty-One in our case) and click on Customize option.

wordpress theme option

Now, finally, you will land the customization page where you can make real-time changes. The left side of the page shows a list of available options. And the right side shows us what it will look like live on your site after doing so.

How to Change Your WordPress Website’s Title and Tagline

The theme for your site can be previewed using the live editor. Just enter new text and it will be rendered on the site. The Live Editor is located under the Site Identity group of settings. You can also change Live Preview to Yes by going to Settings -> Reading.

How to Change Your WordPress Website's Title and Tagline

Get a feel for exactly how your site will look with this change so that you can be sure it’s something that you want to stick with before moving forward.


Additional WordPress Theme Customizations

Of course, if you’re using a theme that comes with its own set of features then you’ll find them in the customizer. For example, the Twenty Twenty-One theme gives you the ability to manage how your site appears through color scheme options and even includes a way to upload your own header graphics. Fine-tune things like your page layout, banner images, and more until everything is just how you want it. After doing so simply click on ‘Save & Publish’ to publish it live to your website.

Additional WordPress Theme Customizations

How do you edit the WordPress theme code?

Wondering! Another mode of customization is Editing the code. Are you able to edit the code PHP or CSS? If yes, you can easily customize your theme with coding for the website instead of using WordPress plugins. Having complete control of your site will leave a greater impression on potential customers and also help you achieve higher rankings in search engines.

However, before making any changes remember to create a child theme first so that you will be able to roll back those changes if something goes wrong with an update from the original theme developer.



WordPress website customization is not as difficult as you think. With the help of WordPress, you can change almost anything on your site like the design, layout, color scheme, etc. If you need to create a child theme to customize more specific areas of your site then this can either be done by using a plug-in or by directly editing code.

If you want to improve the way your site looks by updating the color scheme or adding new fonts, then getting in touch with a WordPress web development company in India is the first step to achieving this goal.

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