WordPress Plugins: What Are Their Functions and How to Install them?

3 Dec

Are you a beginner WordPress user and keen to know about WordPress plugins with their functionality?

Plugins are an integral aspect of the WordPress ecosystem and are required for creating outstanding WordPress websites. In this blog, you’ll learn about WordPress plugins, their functions, and how to install them?




What Are Different Kinds Plugins? How Do I Use Them?

WordPress plugins are an essential part of what makes WordPress what it is. The free nature of the plugins available offers you unparalleled functionality and capabilities when compared to other platforms, and we’d be willing to bet that it has about as many great extensions and add-ons for your site as any other platform on the market today.

On the WordPress.org plugin directory, there are currently over 48,000 free plugins accessible. We can find plugins from third-party websites like Github, WPML, etc.

WordPress plugins range from free to premium. Premium ones can add multiple features to your website, such as eCommerce, forum software, etc. Or they can add a simple feature (like social sharing buttons).

WordPress began as a basic application to assist you in starting a blog in 2003. Thanks to plugins, it has grown into a strong content management system and application framework over time.


Functions & Operations of WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are similar to add-ons and extensions that can be found on other platforms. They each serve a specific purpose or function to help make your website more efficient, secure, or customizable. With WordPress, you may construct practically any type of website (not just blogs).


For example:
  • Using the WooCommerce plugin, start an online store with WordPress.
  • Using the Job Manager Plugin, create a job board on the WordPress website.
  • Create a company directory using the top WordPress directory plugins.
  • Create a coupon website, such as RetainMeNot.
  • Use the Envira Gallery Plugin to create a photography website.
  • Make a Wiki website using the Knowledge Base plugin in WordPress.
  • Using WordPress, create your own podcast website.
  • plus a great deal more…


“There’s a plugin for that,” goes the saying in the WordPress community.

In WordPress website development, you can achieve your needs on a website by using the WordPress platform. If the feature isn’t built into WordPress by default, a plugin will almost probably be available.

WordPress plugins can help with SEO, performance, contact forms, social media buttons, galleries, and much more.

Plugins might be quite simple and just perform one function (like adding an image to the sidebar).

They can be pretty large platforms in themselves with some offering functionality on the same level as WordPress itself, like Shopify or Wix – in fact, they are bigger than both in terms of market capitalization.

Plugins having extra functions, similar to how WordPress may be extended, can have their own addon plugins.


Advantages of Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is designed to allow other programmers to customize it and add their own code.

The WordPress plugin API provides a robust collection of hooks and filters that developers can use to change or add new functionality to WordPress.

The most interesting thing is that the WordPress database saves all the WordPress plugins that you have installed. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the plugin for an eCommerce website or a simple website. You have full control over plugins whether they are active or not on a website. You can activate and deactivate them at any moment.




WordPress features a handy tool that automatically downloads language files while displaying content on the screen. With WordPress, you can write content in any language as it supports various languages.


How To Install WordPress Plugins?

Free WordPress plugins are generally easier to use than commercial offerings, and there is a massive selection of free WordPress plugins available that have mass appeal. Here’s how you’ll find them.

Simply go to the Plugins » Add New page and search for the plugin or functionality you wish to add by typing it in the search box.




WordPress will conduct a search of the plugin directory and present a list of the available plugins. Review the results and then click the install now option next to the plugin you want to install.




WordPress offers free and paid plugins in the search results of the WordPress admin area. They are not useful always. Most newcomers have trouble deciding which plugin is ideal for their needs.

Another option is to use sites like WPBeginner.com to find plugin recommendations and tutorials. We have a carefully edited WordPress plugins area to help you find the best WordPress plugins that have proven to be useful through years of development.

You may also check out the plugins, we use on our website in the WPBeginner’s Blueprint. You can read our editor’s pick of the top WordPress plugins for business websites.


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