A Step by Step Guide to Build your First Mobile App

8 Oct

In the modern world, people rely more on mobile apps rather than websites. Accordingly, Businesses are launching their apps to catch more and more online customers. Due to this increase in the popularity of mobile applications, billions of mobile apps are download every year. This growth generates revenue for apps businesses with app development and mobile app marketing and creates millions of jobs in the application market as well.

This post would be helpful for beginners who want to build an app and don’t know where to begin from. Also, before starting, you should be specific about the methodology followed by well-known mobile application developers.

In this blog, Learn step by step process to build your First Mobile App!


Mobile App Development Process


Step 1: Research your App

More clarity in your goal only that results will be better and faster. Before starting working on your ideas, research them. Research about the purpose of your app, knowing your target audience and performance of other similar existing apps. In this study, you will also learn about legal restrictions like copyright and privacy questions, which will give you a complete understanding of app building. After having a basic idea of your plan, you can also sketch your idea and hang it on the wall of your room. So that, every time whenever you look upon your idea you will get more clarity and may get better thought before starting working on it.

Step 2: Develop the Prototype

As we all know, the prototype gives a complete idea of how the app will look like in the final result. Features of a good prototype include representation, accuracy, and functionality. After complete work on your ideas, begin with the fundamental components of your mobile app that also include MVP. The MVP of your app allows you to be ahead in the queue of the app market with fewer expenses. Do not forget to ask your companions, family, associates, and specialists to assist you with auditing your model.

Step 3: Design your App

Designing and planning are assumed to be a vital part of making a successful app. Since you already have a sketch of your idea. Now, it is time to start visualizing it. Consider the idea of structure and layout of your application. The design creates an immediate impact on a user’s mind. So as a mobile app developer, you should think about all designing stages keeping everything in mind.

Step 4: Right Approach to Develop App

Our next step is to pick an appropriate methodology for mobile development apps. You can pick that according to your necessities. The three approaches for creating mobile apps are web, hybrid, and native.

Web App: This web application is a platform-independent program and lags to have a high-grade user experience and functionality.

Hybrid App: It is also called a cross-platform App. These Apps work on a write-once-run-anywhere approach.

Native App: With the help of development language and tools, developers can build an application in exclusive stages like Android, iOs.

Step 5: Integrate with Proper Features

Once you are done with the right approach, your next step is to set up features and functionalities. Plan and draw whatever comes up in your mind. You can also hire a mobile application company to polish your key elements. These companies have a better idea about the usability and functionality of mobile applications.

Step 6: Test Your Mobile App & Get Feedback

At this point, when you make sure there are no significant bugs left to solve and your application is visually engaging and fully functional, that is the right time to lead a final test. Beta testing is a crucial opportunity to get criticism from target clients. After delivering your app to the users, wait for feedback and opinions. Whenever you get feedback from the users, you have an opportunity to improve and enhance the app. Keep an eye on user feedback & listen carefully for optimizing the application.

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