10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Startups: Must Try

25 Apr

A startup is a newly emerging business that cannot succeed without putting much effort into its growth. In the earlier days of startups, companies spent more time trying to make themselves heard.

Now, using sites like Facebook or Twitter and LinkedIn has made it easier for everyone to find success quickly.

Social media is a tool that helps brands reach large markets. In order to maintain buzz about your brand for months to come, there are certain steps that need to be taken so as to establish and maintain your business positively from trendsetters like social media influencers.

In the initial stage, you actually need to know digital marketing strategies for startups. Well, In this blog, we are giving in-depth information about social media marketing strategies and tips. Here are 10 social media marketing tips for small businesses that can help you get your startup up and running quickly!

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Startups


1. Market research and goal-setting

Market research can help an entrepreneur get to know their target audience better in order to decide what products will serve them best. Research well about what your target customers are and how you can get to them. This will solve a lot of your problems.

For businesses to succeed, they need to think ahead and plan for the future. Hard things are made possible through goal setting. Goal setting brings order and provides a clear picture as to what the next steps would be pertaining to each specific goal.

2. Which platforms should you use?

social media platforms

You have to start from the beginning. Once you’ve identified your target customer, it’s easier to get to work on strategies. There are numerous social networking platforms available. Some of the famous are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube & more. It fully depends on the business niche that will help to choose the social media platforms for you. This is a significant part of social media tips for business. You must follow to win social media promotions.

3. Social Media Marketing Plans

Once you have set your target customers, it’s crucial to strategize how you’ll reach them. Merely having a Facebook page with nothing posted on it for advertisement won’t help much. There are multiple ways of doing so, and strategizing is important. Because the more efficient and effective you are in reaching your target audience, the more likely it is that they will respond well to your overtures and take up whatever offers or deals you have to offer as well.

It’s good to plan in advance what exactly you’re going to post at specific intervals such as weekly or monthly, or during holiday seasons when there are special deals in-store just for them! Always make sure that no matter what you do, always remember that most people will read things that get right to the point.

4. Automation Tools

For social media marketing and social media sales funnel, there are several tools available that help startups save money and time. Hootsuite, for example, is a very popular social media tool. It handles different social media platforms in one place. With the help of buffer, you can schedule posts across multiple networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to name just a few which comes in handy if you’re trying to keep your finger on the pulse of all things social media.

It can also be used to improve customer engagement and better analyze feedback outcomes. You save a lot of time and don’t miss out on posting your content when you use them.

5. Use Visually Attractive Content

Another social media tip is visually attractive content. As a startup, you should create appealing content so your targeted users always remember your brand.

Think out of the box and make user-interest graphics and videos to pique people’s curiosity. Virtual reality, or VR, is another important step you can take to show off your brand to your customers. It is considered that pictures have a greater psychological impact than text or any other type of content.

6. Engaging Posts

Have a variety of thought processes that need to come up and the better quality posts that you can make will definitely engage your audience more. Posting should make for an interesting read so that readers continue to want to see what your business does next or rather gains some kind of wonderlust about what goes on behind the scenes.

For example, you can provide them with any sort of free giveaway or offer to make their experience even better!

7. Track Results

Track Results

In social media marketing tips, tracking the output you get from social media practices is a crucial aspect of promotions.

While creating new and innovative ideas is one end of the spectrum. The other side is finding out exactly how well-received their posts actually were.

Tracking your results will let you know how successful your posts actually were and will help make improvements for future content creations.

8. Mobile Audience

Phones are the lifeblood of businesses. Only a small percentage of people still use laptops or desktops to access social media. The majority of people nowadays have a mobile phone with an internet connection.

To produce content and designs that take mobile consumers into account. Responsive design is the term for this. Mobile users are more likely to bring you more potential consumers.

9. Come up with a brand message

brand message

People should be able to recognize your brand as a single element over a long period of time. Your goal at this point should be to build a strong identity around your brand and see that your brand is ultimately easily recognizable by consumers. Pick an even catchier tagline or message that will resonate with what you’re trying to achieve, and how you want the world to perceive you.

10. Stay Active

To grow consistently in your business, you should be active regularly and always be there for your customers on social media platforms. The expectation would be more when you reach a reasonable fan base. Do not sit back and relax as this is when you will have to extend yourself so that your brand remains ahead of any competitors threatening to overtake it at the top.


As startup brands, there is no time to sleep, so entrepreneurs of these businesses have to work harder than ever if they want their business to become one of the best out there. Obviously, as an innovative business, you’re going to have plenty of fierce competition and it’s okay not to rank number one from day one!

It’s all about persisting, experimenting, and exploring in order to see what will take your project further. There are thousands of ways for startups to grow because different strategies suit the needs of different businesses – so don’t feel any pressure just yet!

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