What is SDLC? Understand the Phases of Software Development Life Cycle

21 Oct

You probably have some kind of idea what a cycle is. In layman’s terms, we can consider a cycle as a set of repetitive processes. Notwithstanding, from a technical perspective, we can change software development into a bunch of processes and accordingly term everything as a software development life cycle. The Software Development Life Cycle, which is SDLC in short, technically means the steps crucial in the development of software applications. The SDLC is typically managed by an organization’s software development team, which is responsible for developing and maintaining applications.


What is SDLC?

SDLC is defined as Software Development Life Cycle, a step-by-step process to follow in a repetitive way to make quality work on the project. It is a set of processes that are used to define the development of a software. The SDLC process is typically referred to as an iterative one because it consists of repeated, time-based cycles.


The Importance of the SDLC

If you are a Software developer, you’ll surely be employed in practices of SDLC. SDLC allows you to analyze the requirements and helps to make unnecessary development cost affordable. During the initial stages, software developers can assess the cost and predict exorbitant slip-ups. It empowers software engineers to plan and build top notch software products.


How do you manage your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process?

To manage a software development life cycle it’s important to have a plan. Having a plan allows you to have a reference point on how the project is going. You can use this plan to guide you or your team in a way where you can finish the project on time and within budget. This blog will look at different aspects of how you can manage your SDLC process with understanding the stages of SDLC.


What are the Phases of Software Development Life Cycle?

SDLC Phases


SDLC cycle begins from the conversations. Every one of the participants meet up to share their thoughts and ideas on the final product. Their main purpose is to decide the definite requirements to a framework. They also ensure that every member understands their tasks and prevent dispute.QAs often get involved in this phase.

Analysis & Planning:

This is a crucial phase of SDLC where project managers and programmers team meet to analyze and comprehend the project terms. The whole phase requires a basic assessment of material costs, assessing the labor costs, leadership structure, making a plan with sensible goals, among numerous others

While planning for software development or an app development process, it is pivotal to comprehend the project scope and the hidden justification for developing the given software. The stage defines a limit for the venture – the project can’t extend beyond its predefined limits except if in any case.

Design & Prototype:

AT this phase of SDLC, software developers focus on creating project prototype, architecture and user-friendly designs. User interface is a most important factor in building a software. People love software that would be easily accessible.

Design & Prototype

Prototype is a toy or rough model of software. The UI/UX team creates a prototype form of the software to approve its look and stream of design components. With a prototype, users comprehend the basic idea behind the planned application and give input in regards to what improvement and what optimization required. Prototype is useful to reduce costs related to software development. It is simpler to change a prototype to fit user needs than to rewrite code to fuse an change in this phase.


The implementation or actual development starts in this phase where a product opens up for the audience. It’s significant that each developer adheres to the agreed blueprint. Additionally, ensure you have proper guidelines set up with regards to the code style and practices.

For instance, characterize a classification for files or define a variable naming style like camelCase. This will assist your team with delivering organized and reliable code that is more obvious yet in addition to testing during the following phase.

Let’s create what you want!


The testing phase of software development life cycle focuses on testing the written code to check the bugs and other errors. At the testing phase, software engineers and designers ought to guarantee that every product unit works appropriately. It is also an important phase to set up whether the software runs as required.


Here, the testing and quality team works on to make a final report of testing and share it to the development team. The testing team can either depend on manual testing or automated testing (according to their mastery and characterized measure). We can say that the testing and development team collaborate in tandem to make sure foolproof conveyance of the software.


Maintenance is the last phase of software development life cycle. In this phase, software developers are now responsible to ensure it’s regularity in serving the user’s needs. In the usage of this process, you can track the performance and possible limits of an application. Users may discover bugs which might have potentially avoided the most common way of testing and bug fixation.

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What is the most Important phase of SDLC?

Well, as per our point of view, The most important phase of SDLC is the analysis phase and testing phase. The reason this is so important is not only do you have to understand the problem, but you have to be able to communicate it well, to the correct people, in the correct way. The better you are at understanding what it is the end user wants the better the end result will be.

On the other hand, If you skip testing, you are likely to ship faulty software, which is why it’s the most important phase of SDLC. You can’t ship a product if it doesn’t work. In the same line of thought, without testing, you’ll have no way of knowing how well it works. Testing is a validator of all your hard work.

What is the most Important phase of SDLC?


Software Development Life Cycle is a critical part of the software development process and plays a vital role in establishing the quality of the product. With the use of SDLC, anyone can understand what the project work is going on? People can easily understand the whole process of making software. The cycle ensures versatility, viability, adequacy and manages costs of creation of various software.

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