5 Reasons Why Choose AngularJS For Web Development

13 May

Digitalization is a part of our lives. People are shifting online, which is why the need for online businesses increases rapidly. When we talk about digitalization, we cannot ignore AngularJS. This JavaScript framework has been making waves in the web development industry enormously since its invention by Google in 2009.

Many famous companies like Netflix and PayPal are using the AngularJS framework due to its robust features.


AngularJS is an Angular JavaScript. It is a powerful front-end web application framework that is used to simplify advanced development tasks.

angular JS

The most important factor about AngularJS is that it provides a strong set of tools to help quickly create single-page web applications that focus on presenting data from the model or the controller through an MVC design pattern. As it permits you to extend HTML’s syntax in order to express your components clearly and succinctly, AngularJS treats all values as plain objects rather than simple strings.


AngularJS won many awards. Many of its awards are won in the Node.js category and its well-known competitors include Backbone and Ember. Its the most popular category in many countries like India, Japan, USA, UK, Poland, and Germany

Some AngularJS usage statistics:

  • Worldwide websites – 3,647,001
  • AngularJS websites that are live– 706,489
  • United States AngularJS websites – 4,82,510
  • United Kingdom AngularJS websites – 21,183
  • Indian AngularJS websites – 4,257

Top Industry Verticals Which Effectively Use AngularJS:

  • Computer Electronics & Technology – 3.35%
  • Arts & Entertainment – 2.09%
  • News & Media – 1.80%
  • Finance – 1.59%
  • Others – 91.18%



AngularJS was developed by Misko Hevery in 2009. It is among the most commonly used frameworks for web development. There are many reasons why developers choose Angular.js, but mostly it’s because it offers both stability and speed, which any web developer is after when they create projects.

Google Support

Google had already produced an extensive Web Toolkit. When the bulk of developers started adopting HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript as front-end and back-end languages, Google developed AngularJS.


AngularJS supports MVC architecture. It is easy to use for web and mobile app developers to save time by writing minimum code for applications. But do you realize why this is significant?

Developers don’t have to work on the technical aspects of data models in order to roll out functions that use them. This allows them to reach their deadlines faster and reduces production time for web applications.


This is one of the most exciting reasons to choose AngularJS as your development tool. Two-way data-binding means any changes made in the user interface reflect in the app immediately, unlike just about every other web development framework out there. The use of AngularJS allows for simultaneous user action and module updates.


The testing phase of the web development process is critical. Thanks to Angularjs to save the time of the testing process. It already has a unit testing setup which allows developers to unit test their client-side code and achieve faster results while creating fewer errors in the process.


Thanks to MVC architecture and easy testing, Angular allows developers to increase the speed of their productivity. Furthermore, organizing your code with an MVC pattern helps projects retain flexibility, which in turn benefits projects by allowing software developers to work more efficiently.

Speed and Modularity

With its powerful features and ability to be manipulated for any use case requirement, Angular is a javascript framework that has been adopted by millions of web apps worldwide.


All these reasons will help developers understand why AngularJS has gained popularity in the coding world. Using the AngularJS framework makes it quick to implement an application and easy to make changes to it in the future.

We are a reputed AngularJS development company, so if you haven’t tried using Angular JS for web development yet then we would recommend that you go and check out the difference yourselves. Because we can guarantee that you will see some major improvements over the standard old-fashioned way of developing that can take days or weeks but here you can get good results within minutes!

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