5 Reasons You Absolutely Must Hire An SEO Pro

20 May

If a website is a body, SEO is a Soul. Yes, the demand for SEO services has risen over the past several years – which means there are plenty of business owners and digital marketers in India who handle website SEO every day.

In many situations, startups and enterprises feel they need SEO professionals to tackle major issues on their own, which can lead to a lot of aggravation and can save a lot of money.

So, how can you recognize whether a scenario needs the assistance of a seasoned pro?

Here are five reasons you absolutely must hire an SEO Pro.

1. Why Isn’t Your Website Or Pages Indexed By Google?

An experienced SEO consultant will not spend time and will know what to search for right away if your website is not indexing.

Just as easily, they’ll be able to find the cause of your page not being indexed by Google or the reason why your content is being trolled. It could be something as simple as a URL misspelling that’s preventing Google from crawling your web page properly, or more complex issues with the structure of website or URL parameters.

There are many different reasons why this may happen, but an SEO expert will have the knowledge and expertise to iron out the discrepancies in no time at all!

2. During A Site Migration Or Redesign

As the business owner you can foresee how changing one element of your design may affect your search traffic so try to be involved in some way.

Your website will likely have links that are important for SEO purposes so someone who specializes in SEO will help you determine the new aspects to focus on and how to build upon them.

An SEO can aid you in developing a risk-reduction strategy, managing the migration, and monitoring traffic anomalies after the migration.


3. When Organic Traffic Drops

If you notice that your website’s traffic has dropped, do you know what to do? It can happen for the multiple reasons, most of which are fixable.

If this is the case, hiring an SEO consultant is the best idea in order to have a third party evaluate things in more depth and suggest solutions where possible.

A SEO expert will be able to analyze your search traffic trends and identify the most likely source of your traffic loss, as well as present a clear roadmap to resolving the issue.

4. To Reverse A Manual Action

If you suspect your organic traffic has been affected by manual action, be sure to look at the traffic overview in Search Console. You can see if there has been an influx of a certain type of traffic from other search engines that is no longer present in Google.

If these new visitors don’t come from Google, it’s likely your site was either penalized, or you were the victim of an unnatural link scheme.

It must assure Google that it will not happen again, that you have turned the corner, and that you will no longer spam the internet.

All of these things should be handled with care and by someone who is skilled with manual actions.

5. SEO Strategy Isn’t Working

Maybe you’ve been working with a junior SEO or an SEO and digital marketing agency who has previously done excellent work while they were passionate about what they do.

However, there comes a time in all projects when the lead machine stops working and you might experience losing momentum.

Maybe you are too busy to invest the time necessary to maintain the lead machine running efficiently.

If you’re unsatisfied with your existing organic strategy for any reason, it’s time to engage an SEO.

Listen to your intuition, clear your mind, and focus on other elements of your business that bring you delight.

Final Thoughts

Once you have basic SEO skills and processes in place, a lot of SEO recommended practices can be handled in-house.

However, there are times when you will do better to hire an outside expert – such as for a site migration or if you need additional help reversing a drop in organic traffic.

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