Google Marketing Live 2022: 16 Announcements

27 May

Each year, marketers, advertising specialists, entrepreneurs, and business managers from across the globe flock to Google Marketing Live where they can discuss the ins and outs of new innovations on an interactive stage. It was held on 24th May 2022.

The keynote was primarily aimed at industry professionals who wanted a run-down of the latest technology available in their quest to develop advertisements that connect emotionally with consumers and do best-in-class figuring on how better to target users who are online at any given moment of the day.

Check out the 16 Google Marketing Live 2022 Announcements:

Wrapping everything up, these were the major announcements from Google Marketing Live:

  1. YouTube shorts will soon have a video action app and a campaign.
  2. YouTube Shorts receives product feed.
  3. Discover is getting video advertising.
  4. Connected TV campaigns on Display and Video 360 are getting video advertisements.
  5. Coming soon: A/B testing Optimal results
  6. Ability to improve sales campaigns in-store
  7. The Google Ads mobile app and Search Ads 360 campaign management have been updated.
  8. Attribution, audience, and auction insights are all examples of new performance data.
  9. Report on New Insights
  10. All sorts of campaigns will have an optimization score.
  11. Responsive search advertisements with auto-generated assets
  12. Responsive display advertising will have mobile-friendly layouts in the future.
  13. At the account level, a new asset library has been created.
  14. It’s important to find and enhance conversion testing.
  15. The global site tag will be replaced with the Google tag.
  16. Users will be able to manage which adverts they see through My Ad Center.

Source: Google Ads Help

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