Why India Is The Perfect Destination For Outsource Web Development Services?

11 Jul

India is arguably the best destination to outsource web design and development services. Indian outsourcing software companies give your company the opportunity to save operational costs, labor costs, and so on.

Some are sure that India is indeed the right place for enterprise web development. However, there are a few aspects that are still being debated by experts in this field, such as why should one engage an outsourced provider based on their geographic location?

Several More Figures To Think About

  • 73% of businesses must be investing to stand out from the competitors in the web development field.
  • The general design of a website determines 75% of its credibility.
  • People spend 37 seconds (average time) on an article and landing page which means your website must load in 3 seconds or less.

The State of Web Development Outsourcing

A few years ago, companies had the mentality of “hiring” an in-house team that would work on-site despite paying a high cost.

One of the obvious causes was lack of trust, but hiring a trustworthy web developer might be challenging if your organization is not located close to Silicon Valley or another IT powerhouse.

As per Statista, 92,5 billion dollars were spent on outsourcing globally in 2019. Also, according to Deloitte that 31percent of all IT services were outsourced.


Now the question is Why,

  • 59% of companies think about it to be a cost-effective strategy.
  • According to 57% of respondents, it aids in maintaining focus on their primary business objectives.
  • To raise the quality of their services, 31% of businesses would like to outsource.
  • 28% are interested in getting assistance from a group of skilled experts.
  • Approximately 17% desire to change the culture at work.

Why Outsource Web Development services from India?

India has become a center of outsourcing for many companies that are in the digital or software business. The reasons for this are clear and have to do with the cost of living being less expensive and wages being as much as anywhere from 50% to 90% cheaper than in more developed countries like the US or Europe.

Look at the reasons for choosing India for outsourcing services, here’s how.


#1 The Market

The Market
Source – India Briefing

The Indian market has seen a sharp increase in the cost of web development when it comes to mobile or web apps. This, in part, is due to all the talented developers who can easily work on international projects and command higher salaries. However, one way that enterprises can avoid this rise in cost is by outsourcing work to India where developers have a much lower starting base salary. The best way to find out more information specifically on hiring talent in India is by going online where you’ll find many reviews and testimonials by past customers.


#2 Cost-effective Solution

Offshore web development is less costly than onshore web development. An abundance of options exists and prices pour in from all directions, making it difficult to gauge a fair deal. If you want to find the sweet deal without compromising quality, you need to be able to dive deeper and nurture your relationships with the best offshore partners out there.


#3 High-end Services available 24/7

When you choose to hire an outsourced team of developers, it’s important that you choose a firm that is available anytime during the day or night. Companies in India offer 24/7 and 365 days web development assistance, so having someone there for you whenever urgent assistance is needed is crucial so that your business continues running smoothly.


#4 A Talent Pool of Skilled Professionals

15 million competent programmers who fall under the categories of software development, mobile development, web development, and other categories have been identified by technology companies in India.

You can check Wikipedia yourself and get all information there. They enjoy building compelling, unique websites and are highly valued for their workforce. We also provide outsource mobile app development, web development, etc. Check our Portfolio now!


#5 Effective Communication 

As mentioned before, there is no issue with communication when hiring a company to develop your mobile application as they are always in close contact with their clients.

Hiring a company that has English-speaking developers will ensure the most convenient communication and fewer headaches involved. Furthermore, India is known for having professionals skilled in the English language. Therefore, there is no need to worry about communications when outsourcing companies from India due to their vast amount of English speakers.


Final Thoughts!

Web development service is undoubtedly in great demand globally, but outsourcing to India has increased dramatically.

The future is ripe, so if you haven’t already, this is the ideal time to get moving.

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